An underwriting investment company that offers shares in its mutual funds, or an influential institution that highly values a particular security and thus creates additional demand for the security. In the context of project financing, a developer of the project or a party providing financial support. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
An authorised ( authorisation) person (usually a member firm of the Stock Exchange, a firm of accountants or a firm of solicitors) who is on the register of sponsors held by the Stock Exchange. The role of the sponsor is to prepare companies for listing of their shares and to ensure that the company is suitable for listing ( official listing) and that directors are aware of their responsibilities as directors of a listed company. Where a company is planning is to obtain a listing for its debt securities, it needs a listing agent instead of a sponsor. The role of the listing agent is less onerous than that of a sponsor due to the nature of the securities involved. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary
A company's adviser who is approved by the UKLA. The role of a sponsor is to ensure that the company is suitable for listing. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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I. sponsor spon‧sor 1 [ˈspɒnsə ǁ ˈspɑːnsər] verb [transitive]
1. MARKETING to give money to pay for a television programme, a sports or arts event, training etc, in exchange for advertising or to get public attention:

• The insurance company sponsored the charity's first TV campaign.

• Some of the students are sponsored by engineering firms.

• a government-sponsored scheme

2. to officially support a proposal or suggestion:

• The report was sponsored by 12 top companies.

  [m0] II. sponsor sponsor 2 noun [countable]
1. MARKETING a person or company that pays for a television programme, a sports or arts event, training etc, in exchange for advertising or to get public attention:

• The exhibition organizers are now looking for sponsors.

2. someone who officially introduces or supports a proposal or suggestion

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   Term used for the investment bank, or the merchant bank, which advises a company on how to issues new shares or bonds. It then finds out the level of potential demand for the new shares or bonds, prices them and sells them in the market.
   ► See also Investment Bank.

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sponsor UK US /ˈspɒnsər/ verb [T]
MARKETING to provide money for a television or radio programme, website, sports event, or other activity in exchange for advertising: »

We found a major shoe manufacturer that would like to sponsor the series.


The event was sponsored by several local businesses.

GOVERNMENT if someone in a position of authority sponsors a new idea, especially a law, they give it their support: »

Six Senators originally sponsored the bill.

to give money to support a person, organization, or activity: »

We sponsor children in developing countries.

sponsor UK US /ˈspɒnsər/ noun [C]
MARKETING a company or organization that provides money for a television or radio programme, website, sports event, or other activity in exchange for advertising: »

And now a word from our sponsors.


We are grateful to our corporate sponsors for making this event free to the public.

GOVERNMENT someone in a position of authority who gives their support to a new idea, especially a new law: »

The bill is sponsored by one Democrat and one Republican.

someone who supports a person, organization, or activity by giving money: »

We encourage our employees to become sponsors of participants in the charity run.

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